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 free student meals!

Summer Meals Program

Families can visit the following link to learn more about summer meal options in our area. • Phone: (518) 486-1086     Fax: (518) 474-9920 • Email:     

School Meals

Our School Lunch Menus are posted to this page during the school year. Note: All menus are subject to change. All students can receive a reimbursable breakfast and a reimbursable lunch each day, any extra items do incur a cost.  

Breakfast (free for 2021-22 school year)

  • Full Price Student: $1.35
  • Reduced Price Student: $0.25 
  • Adult Breakfast $2.75 (including tax)

Lunch (free for 2021-22 school year)

  • Full Price Student Lunch: $1.85
  • Reduced Price Student: $0.25
  • Adult Lunch $5.10 (including tax) 


Save time in line by pre-paying for meals at the cash register or online at For more information contact Meaghan Wilkins, Food Service Director, at 518.638.8243 x519 or email


A student breakfast consists of 4 food groups. To qualify for a student priced meal, free, reduced or full priced, the student must take at least 3 of the 4 groups offered. The groups are either 2 grains, 1 grain and 1 protein, a fruit or juice, and milk. If a student only wants a milk and a cereal, they must also take a piece of fruit. That would be three things. Beginning this year, students MUST take a fruit at breakfast. Because we are a federally operated program, we must follow those guidelines to ensure a student is getting the minimum nutrition they need to learn. When the necessary things are not taken, a higher a la carte price would be charged.

We offer 8 oz. servings of milk in; White 1% and White & Chocolate Fat-Free Milk.


Did you know that Free & Reduced Meal Applications may be filled out at any time during the school year? If your circumstances change and you think you may qualify, applications can be printed from this website under quick links. Applications can also be obtained through your student's school office or the cafeteria office.

Sometimes the menu may change without notice due to circumstances beyond our control.

Under the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 there are required dietary components that must be selected in order to be eligible as a “meal” in the national School Lunch Program. Not only does this offer a well balanced, healthy meal for our students, but it also avoids costly “a la carte” charges for individual items. (state and federal reimbursements as well as a stipend from the district makeup the difference in cost) This is especially important for our free and reduced eligible students.

The meal pattern consists of five food components:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Grains
  • Meat / Meat alternatives (proteins)
  • Fluid Milk 

All students at any grade level MUST  take:

At least 3 of the 5 components AND

ONE of the selections must be a fruit or vegetable

 In order to reduce the amount of food waste, we have chosen to implement an “Offer Versus Served” approach to the regulation. Basically, it allows the student to choose different options within the components that are more appealing to them compared to the old fashioned meals where you only received what was served as the special meal of the day. For example, the necessary fruit/vegetable component may be satisfied by choosing from either:

  • An assortment of fresh fruit
  • An assortment of canned fruit
  • A 4 oz fruit juice
  • A side salad - available daily and included in all entree meals
  • The vegetable of the day

With your help, we can continue to strive towards providing a quality meal, with less waste and encourage students to make wise meal choices. Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns or to obtain an application for free and reduced meals.

Wellness Committee
Argyle CSD has an active Wellness Committee.  This committee is dedicated to continuing efforts in tracking wellness progress and gathering ideas on ways to create a healthier school environment. Please scroll and click the link for our Current Wellness Policy and if there are any questions, please contact Meaghan Wilkins, Food Service Director and member of the Wellness Committee.  The Wellness Committee recently performed a Triennial Review using the NY State Wellness Assessment Tool below are the findings.